How do I update the plugin?

The plugin you have downloaded via CodeCanyon isn't always the latest version. To be sure that you have the latest version installed the plugin comes with an auto-updater.

You can enable this auto-updater by activating the plugin on the settings page of the plugin. After you have activated the plugin you can update the plugin directly via the default WordPress update page ( If you don't see an update available, try to press the Check Again button.

If you have trouble updating the plugin via the auto-updater (some multi sites setups have issues), you can manually update the plugin via this page


 Known issues:

  • WP Multi sites: If the plugin is on a WP network site and it isn’t network enabled, the auto-updater might not work. In that case, the auto-updater only works when the plugin is network enabled.

  • Broken Auto-Uploader: If you are using
    Out-of-the-Box 1.7.3 or lower
    Use-your-Drive 1.5.3 or lower
    Share-one-Drive 1.2 or lower

    Please download the latest version again via the CodeCanyon dashboard as the auto-updater in these version are broken.

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