I want each user to have its own folder, is that possible?

Of course. In the Shortcode Generator you can enable the user specific folders under ‘User folders’.

There are two ways you can use the 'User folders' feature:

  1. Manually link users to a folder. You can link users manually to a folder on the 'Link users to folder' page of the plugin. With this method you can link your users to their own folder.
  2. Automatically create user folders. You can also let the plugin automatically create the user folders for you. The plugin will create the user folders in the root folder you have selected in the Shortcode Generator. To control the user folders behavior, look at the ‘User Folders’ tab on the Plugin settings page.

    The advantage of this method is that you don't have to manage the folders manually. And you can even select a template folder to fill the user folder with some starting material.


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