Error: (400) Invalid field selection

There are currently two similar issues know which both have the same (400) Invalid field selection error. In both issues the problem are caused by conflicting plugins loading different version of the Google API SDK.

  1. Error calling GET (400) Invalid field selection storageQuota (400)

    With the release of version 1.6, Use-your-Drive is finally migrated to version 3 of the Google API SDK. The error above is caused by Use-your-Drive doing an API call to version 2 of the Google API. This means that another plugin is using the Google API Library as well, but is loading the older version (V2) of the SDK and is loaded before Use-your-Drive. Therefore, Use-your-Drive isn’t able to perform the updated API calls anymore.

    To solve this issue, figure out which plugin is using the old Google API SDK by disabling possible plugins one by one. If you have discovered which plugin is still using the old API, please contact the developer of that plugin and ask to upgrade their API SDK to V3. Please also let me know which plugin is loading the V2 so I get an overview and can contact the developers as well. In the mean time you can keep using version of the plugin. If you don’t have that version anymore, feel free to contact me via the Support Center and I will provide you with that version.

  2. Error calling GET (400) Invalid field selection name

    The issue is caused by a conflict with the Simple Calendar plugin that also interacts with the Google API. Both plugins are loading the Google API library, and due the plugin order, Simple Calendar is loading a newer library (v3) before Use-your-Drive. Please update Use-your-Drive to the latest version to solve this issue.
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